2019 NSL Spring Division Champions

NSL 2019 Spring Division Champions

Congratulations to all of the NSL 2019 Spring Division Champions! There are a total of 26 different NSL clubs represented in this list, which accounts for half of all our registered clubs. Well done to all our member clubs, teams, and players!

Boy’s Division Winners
Age Group Team Name
B11-E Vipers FC
B11-P MACH 1
B11-S DFC Dragons
B12-E CSP United
B12-P FC Blazers
B12-S Sevilla FC Academy
B13-E America FC
B13-P New England Navigators
B13-S America FC
B14-E Nordic SC
B14-P Juventus Academy Boston
B14-S Melrose United
B15-E Nordic SC
B15-P Timberwolves SC
B16-PG Nova SC
B16-PS Hampshire United – SC
B17-E Rams FC
B17-P Alianca CV
B19-E Juventus Academy Boston
B19-P North Shore Soccer Academy


Girl’s Division Winners
Age Group Team Name
G11-E FC Padova
G11-P Total Soccer
G12-E FC Padova
G12-P  Franklin SC
G12-S RI Rush
G13-E St Michael Youth
G13-P Newton Academy
G13-S Vipers FC
G14-E  America FC
G14-P Legacy SC
G15-E Newton Academy
G15-P Legacy SC
G16-E WSA Elite
G16-P Concord Carlisle FA
G17-E FC Napoli
G19-E Rams FC
G19-P America FC

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