Compete, Develop, Succeed.

Founded in 1993 as MAPLE, today the Northeast Soccer League provides a competitive structure for approximately 200 teams from 40 clubs throughout New England. These clubs range from large, “full service” clubs to those consisting of one or two teams, from the highly selective to the developmental. We offer a league structure based solely on merit which is stable, consistent, predictable and comprehensible for all teams. The structure allows all teams access and a chance to rise. NSL’s divisions do this by providing opportunity to the aspiring, competition for the developing, and challenge to the highly competitive.


Our vision is “To provide a league that fosters player development through quality competition”

NSL is for the clubs, by the clubs and with the clubs. Our aim is to provide more than just a place to play but also to provide quality programs and events for the benefit of our membership. Furthermore, the NSL league is based on merit but driven by defined club standards that ALL our member clubs must continue to meet.

Our Method

Our league is built on providing our members with an opportunity to compete at all levels. Through this competition, we provide the opportunity for development to the entire club, from players to coaches and beyond. We measure successful club development by results at state, regional, national and international levels. More importantly, we measure successful club development through the achievement of each club’s specific goals.

Why NSL?

  • The NSL provides levels of play from developmental to regional elite leagues.
  • The NSL is actively working with many Northeast State Associations to create a more competitive league.
  • League play is open to clubs of any size within the Northeast Region as long as they meet club standards.
  • A league structure based solely on merit which is stable, consistent, built on integrity and equality and without bias.
  • Play at the younger ages is scheduled on both geographical and team level to ensure minimal travel and developmentally appropriate play. Play at the older age groups is based on level of play.
  • Age group divisions are based on qualitative performance and not subjective criteria.
  • Teams can be comprised of players from any number of geographical locations.
  • NSL is the primary league for qualication for USYSA State Cup and USYSA Region 1 competitions.
  • Actively supports clubs applications to play in USYSA Region 1 Competition and openly accepts those teams who decide to return to NSL play.
  • Actively supports USYSA ODP Programs and has a history of providing pathways from youth to college and national teams.
  • Provides centralized scheduling so that clubs and teams do not have to work to create their own.
  • Pays game officials directly meaning clubs and teams are not required to pay officials at the field or incur additional expenses. Affiliate Education Partner of the United Soccer Coaches.
  • NSL has a select group of partners and vendors to better service its members; value added benefits.