April 2019

This NSL monthly newsletter summarizes the month’s news and notes from various league constituents. In this edition:

  • Executive Director News
  • Technical Director News
  • Marketing News
  • League Administrator News
Executive Director News

The 2019 NSL season is up and running and is off to a great start! The wet weather has been challenging at times but the feedback we have received from around the league has been very encouraging. Thank you to all the club coaches, admins, and parents for creating such a positive and safe playing environment for all our players.

As a reminder, please review our game reschedule policy if you need to rearrange any of your scheduled games.

There have been some recent developments within the league in the past few weeks. We are excited with our new partnership with the CCL and the implementation of the top level of our player development pyramid; the NSL PRO23 league.

We are also working hard behind the scenes to launch the new NSL College Combine in 2020. More details of this exciting opportunity will be shared with all our members in the upcoming months. In addition to all our partnership news and program enhancements; the NSL would also like to remind all our members to take advantage of our current offerings:

  • U12 NSL Tournament
  • NNESL, NSL Champions Cup (Premier Division)
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship – the pathway to the National Championship (Elite Division)

Finally, please make sure to share this newsletter with your club families and constituents. We are excited to share the news and developments of the league with everyone involved with the NSL.

John Barata
Executive Director
Northeast Soccer League | Compete, Develop, Succeed
ExecutiveDirector@NSLsoccer.org | 617.645.6076

Technical Director News

With the season now underway it was great to get out and see some of our teams play this last weekend with highly competitive games across the 12U to 19U age groups.  The behavior of players, parents, and coaches was all good and no major issues other than parents still don’t seem to understand what is and isn’t a handball and when a player is offsides.  However, having just spent a week in England and Scotland watching games between youth and professional teams I can tell you that no one over there knows either!

Over the last couple of months, we have been holding webinars with the DOC’s who participated in the DOC Diploma course.  Our first session was on “Developing the Curriculum” with the second session just last week on “Becoming an Effective Coach”.  The content covered the following;

“Creating a Long term Development Plan”

Concept of the session is to review the development of a curriculum based around a long term development plan and the need for both measurement and evaluation to track progress.  As part of the workshop you will go over the following;

  • Need to develop a positive psychological climate for players, coaches, and parents.
  • Understand the key skills and components based on the child and soccer players level of development.
  • Using the curriculum as a framework for assessment and development of players
  • Designing age and developmentally appropriate practices
  • Review of long term development plans used by other elite organizations involved in youth soccer
“How to deliver sessions to meet the needs of every audience”

Some of the content will focus on the following;

  • What knowledge is required to be an effective coach?
  • What are the Positive Modelling Behaviors of effective coaches?
  • Creating a positive psychological climate
  • Developing effective methodologies

I have also been reviewing the yellow and red cards over the first few weeks of the season and it’s good to see that we have only had 5 total red cards for players and only one coach sending off.  In terms of reports by referees on a coach or parent conduct we have had very good feedback with less than 2 reports bringing up an issue with coach behavior and even then it appears that it was resolved during the game.    The full report on yellow and red cards is below and makes interesting reading when you consider gender and age group.


Note there were no cautions for the age groups of 9U through 11U for either gender.

Age Group Girls Boys
Yellow cards Red cards Yellow cards Red cards
12U 0 0 3
13U 2 0 2 2
14U 0 0 5 1
15U 2 0 5 1
16U 0 0 12
17U 2 0 16 1
19U 2 0 25
Total 8 0 68 5


Category Girls Boys
Yellow cards Red cards Yellow cards Red cards
Unknown 1
Delaying restart of game 3
Dissent 6
Persistent Offences 2 15
Unsporting Behavior 6 43
Serious Foul Play 1
Violent Conduct 1
Abusive Language 1
Denying goal scoring opportunity 1
2nd yellow card 1
Totals 8 0 68 5


Nick Dunbar
Technical Director NSL Soccer

Marketing News

Share with us how you Compete, Develop, and Succeed. Like and follow us, and we will like and follow back; use the hashtags: #NSLCompetes, #NSLDevelops, #NSLSucceeds. Add one or more of our hashtags so we can share, retweet, and repost your great accomplishments. By doing this, it will spread the word of your teams, your club, and your organization, as well as help, promote our league.

Recent photos from around the league

Nordic 2006 Ladies vs. Old School FC, Newham, Mass – April 6, 2019


AYSO United Rhode Island vs. Legacy SC – April 7, 2019

Rams FC vs.Vipers 11U Elite Boys – April 28, 2019

League Administrator News
Rescheduling Games

Postponed games must be scheduled within two weeks of the date of postponement, although the play date may be further in the season. Now that vacation week has passed, and hopefully the fields have dried out, it is time to get those makeups scheduled. The last date for league play is June 9th.

It is the responsibility of the home team to contact their opponent and offer several options for makeups. If you are having trouble contacting someone, or trouble agreeing to a date, please contact the league office.

Once you have agreed to a makeup please send an email to leagueadministrator@nslsoccer.org. Three days’ notice is required in order to schedule referees.