August 2018

This NSL monthly newsletter summarizes the month’s news and notes from various league constituents. In this edition:

  • Executive Director News
  • Technical Director News
  • Marketing News
  • League Administrator News
Executive Director News

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and wonderful summer and are looking forward to the start of the new school year as well as the new NSL fall season. As we fast approach the new season, I also hope you are relaxed, recharged and ready to play!

As we prepare for the new season, I ask for patience as we navigate the new scheduling system. Please read, respond to and address any necessary action items in emails relating to the new season, especially those that are pertinent to the new scheduling system.

For Fall 2018, the NSL game schedules will be posted for all age groups on The link has also been added to > Game Schedules in the top navigation menu and in the appropriate member sections on the website (Administrators, Coaches and Referees).

Finally, I’d like to inform all our members that the league will be hosting a “State of the NSL” meeting on September 5th, at the Hampton Inn, Natick at 7:30-8:30pm. An reminder invite will be sent closer the to event and we welcome all our members to attend to share your insights and thoughts about the league.

The NSL continually strives to provide the best possible learning environment as well as offering a highly competitive league for all our member clubs and teams.

John Barata
Executive Director
Northeast Soccer League | Compete, Develop, Succeed | 617.645.6076

Technical Director News

I wanted to welcome all our clubs back to Northeast Soccer League play for the fall. We have some great clubs and teams ready to compete, develop and succeed and we remain a great choice for those clubs who share our principles and values. Our divisions have been set based on level of play and offer all teams the chance to move up or down the pyramid based on their results and meeting our set standards. We have seen a number of new clubs looking for a place to play where they are valued regardless of size and status but want the opportunity to develop their program.

One such club Mach 1 FC has grown massively over the last few seasons and continues to reinforce this with the development of their coaching staff. Last week I was honored to be asked to deliver the US Soccers grassroots coaching licenses at 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 format to their coaching staff. Both I and John Barata, the NSL Executive Director, are qualified US Soccer Grassroots Instructors and can deliver courses from the 4v4 format through to the D license. Mach 1 FC are now hoping to take the next steps and offer a D course to the recently qualified coaches. The courses took place over 12 hours with a Saturday and a Sunday session and we were joined by some of the clubs players to help us deliver the practical part of the course. A great group of coaches and players and all the best for the upcoming season.

As we move forward throughout this season and beyond we want to offer all our member clubs the chance to succeed both on and off the field. We will be looking at even more programs that will assist and support your clubs including coaching courses, coach education events, Player Development Program (PDP) sessions, tournament, and crossover league play, new partners and vendor relationships and many other developments we can not wait to share with you.

See you on the field!

Nick Dunbar
Technical Director NSL Soccer

Marketing News

Share with us how you Compete, Develop, and Succeed. Like and follow us, and we will like and follow back; use the hashtags: #NSLCompetes, #NSLDevelops, #NSLSucceeds. Add one or more of our hashtags so we can share, retweet, and repost your great accomplishments. By doing this, it will spread the word of your teams, your club, and your organization, as well as help, promote our league.

Mach 1 FC US Soccer Grassroots Coaching License

Nick Dunbar, the NSL Technical Director, helped to deliver the US Soccer Grassroots Coaching Licenses at 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 format to the coaching staff at Mach 1 FC.

US Soccers grass roots coahcing licenses

US Soccers grass roots coahcing licenses

League Administrator News

The fall 2018 NSL game schedules are complete and can be viewed at the following link:

Please review your schedules and if there are changes that need to be made contact Kathy Irwin at

Make sure you include the game number, age group, time and field in your request. If it is a double coaching issue please let me know what the conflict is and list the above information for both teams. Some solutions work better than others so I need to know exactly what the conflict is.

Teams will no longer be notified automatically by email when a change is made to the schedule. It is the responsibility of the team requesting the change to notify their opponent once the change has been made.

We would like to thank all our members for your patience and understanding as we navigate the new scheduling system.

I’m looking forward to a great season and working with all of you.