August 2019

This NSL monthly newsletter summarizes the month’s news and notes from various league constituents. In this edition:

  • Executive Director News
  • Technical Director News
  • Marketing News
Executive Director News

With the summer slowly winding down, I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer break and are now looking forward to the start of the new school year as well as the new NSL fall season. Our relationship with the US Youth Soccer, the largest youth soccer organization in the country is off to a great start and we are excited to develop a strong working relationship in the coming months.

As we prepare for the new season there are a few housekeeping items that we need to address. Please read the following to ensure you are fully prepared for the fall season.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, Inc.Massachusetts Youth Soccer
Player Registration Files

Make sure you follow the correct steps when uploading your player registration files ( You will need to use an Excel file saved in a CSV format when uploading to the Mass Youth Soccer FilesAnywhere account. Detailed instructions on how to create the Excel CSV file are provided below along with how to manage the FilesAnywhere account upload.

NOTE: Reminder that Adults are no longer included in the uploaded data. All adults will be verified through the required Adult Registration Process.

Fee Submission Form

Please note that the Fee Submission Form includes a certification by the registrar that the facts and figures contained in the registration database being submitted are true and accurate and that ALL of the individuals involved in the organization are being properly registered. Per Player Fee is $17, Per Adult Fee is $17.

Email your completed form to Rachel Woo at

NOTE: Even though adult data is not included in the player upload, all adults must be accurately recorded in the Fee Submission Form.

Certificate of Insurance

Please follow these instructions here:

Adult Credentials

For the Fall 2019, Adults (coaches, admins, volunteers) are required to register directly with Mass Youth Soccer. This has previously been done thru Affinity and will now be done using US Soccer Connect from Stack Sports.

The registration process involves the necessary background checks as well as other requirements from the state (i.e. Concussion course) and US Soccer (i.e. Abuse Prevention Training). In order not to overburden club registrars with learning a new system in such a short period of time Mass Youth Soccer will not require clubs to move onto the system until later in the fall season.

For Fall 2019, all club adults who were previously cleared thru last spring season (2019), in the US Club system using Sports Engine (or KYCK, 2019), will be considered cleared for this fall. Any new adults will need to complete a CORI registration using a dedicated NSL Adult CORI form. (


GotSoccerClick here to view the GotSoccer process for linking your club’s teams to GotSoccer and roster your players.

  1. Players upload
  2. Generate Rosters (Official Roster: MAB)
  3. Generate Passcards
  4. Report Scores
  5. Schedule
NSL Grounds for Game Postponement
Northeast Soccer League

In general, once the schedule is determined and sent to the teams, there are a limited number of reasons acceptable for postponing or relocating a game other than an unplayable field. No one, including the involved team officials, club officials and game officials may postpone, relocate or reschedule a game for any other reason, even by mutual agreement of the coaches. The League Manager may upon request, or at her or his own initiative, postpone or relocate a scheduled game if, in her or his sole judgment, conditions or circumstances require it.

Games may only be postponed by Elite and Premier level teams in order to attend a tournament, Regional Event, and State Cup Tournaments. Vacation week does not qualify as a reason for a postponement. An academic commitment of a significant portion of the team may be grounds for postponement with approval from the League Administrator.

All game changes must be approved by the League Manager and will be considered only if the request is made by email to the NSL office by 5:00 PM on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled game. Referees may not be assigned to the changed games if requested after 5:00 on Tuesday unless they are for field changes due to inclement weather.

Any postponement or relocation except as permitted above will be treated as the forfeiture of a regularly scheduled game for the team or teams not appearing, and subject to all rules regarding such forfeitures, including those related to standings and forfeiture penalties.

NSL Game Day Liaison
  • Sandy Tsakirgis – (781) 307-1822 – Missing referees, weather related challenges and other issues
Other helpful contacts:
  • Nick Dunbar – (860) 514-2912
  • John Barata – (617) 645-6076
John Barata
Executive Director
Northeast Soccer League | Compete, Develop, Succeed | 617.645.6076

Technical Director News

Hoping everyone had a great summer and you are looking forward to a great fall of soccer.  There are lots of new developments for the Northeast Soccer League with more news to follow about the US Youth Soccer League Champions Program and our new partnerships with leagues across the area.

I wanted to remind all our coaches of expected behaviors for the upcoming season and our Code of Conduct

The NSL appreciates all the work you do and the time and commitment you put into providing the young players in this region with the chance to play the beautiful game.

Soccer Parenting AssociationIn addition we want to make you aware of some of the new rule changes that will be implemented for the fall season.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these rule changes with the match officials.  Even the best officials at the FIFA world cup faced challenges with the implementation and interpretation of these changes.   To assist you with some of the questions there is an excellent link that you can send out to parents and fellow coaches  The Soccer Parenting website is a great resource for not only parents but administrators and coaches.  The NSL will be implementing these new rule changes and will be speaking with US Officials to ensure we have as smooth a transition as possible.  There will however be one change we will not be adopted which is the new rule regarding substitutions.

Old Law

Players could leave at the halfway line.

New Law

A player who is being substituted must leave the field by the nearest point on the touchline/goal line (unless the referee indicates the player can leave quickly at the halfway line or a different point because of safety or jury).

The NSL will continue to ask substitutes to enter and leave the field at the half-way line.  We expect this to be the rule across most youth soccer leagues  and the commentary provided below is something we also support.


This is a rule that will no doubt need to be adjusted by US Soccer and local regions for the youth game.  First, in situations where there are unlimited substitutions (particularly if a referee is operating without ARs), the modification makes the referee’s job of keeping track of the number of players on the field harder.  More importantly, there are safety concerns with having young players leave the field at points along the touchline opposite their own bench, particularly if the opposing team’s bench or parent supporters are seated there

Other Rule Changes

Other rule changes will include the following with some very brief notes but more detailed response to follow;

  •  Goal Kicks – For the ages of 11U upwards the ball is in play once the kick is taken and can be played before leaving the penalty area.
  • Penalty Kicks – goalkeeper needs to only have one foot on the goal line (or in line with the goal line if jumping) when the kick is taken.
  • Hand balls – A deliberate handball remains an offense.  But the new Law 12 also adds several situations that will be a foul, even if accidental:
    • If the ball goes into the goal after touching an attacking player’s hand/arm
    • If a player gains control of a ball after it has touched their hand/arm and then scores or creates a goal-scoring opportunity
    • If a ball touches a player’s hand/arm which has made their body unnaturally bigger
    • If a ball touches a player’s hand/arm when it is above their shoulder
  • Free kicks – attackers not allowed within 1 yard of wall
  • Dropped Ball – will now essentially be uncontested
  • Ball striking referee – If the ball touches a referee and goes into a goal, starts a promising attack, or changes possession, a dropped ball is awarded.
  • Team Officials – A team official guilty of misconduct will be shown a yellow card (caution) or red card (sending-off) and if the offender cannot be identified, the senior coach in the technical area will receive the card.
Nick Dunbar
Technical Director NSL Soccer

Marketing News

1 week to go - fall season

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