February 2019

This NSL monthly newsletter summarizes the month’s news and notes from various league constituents. In this edition:

  • Executive Director News
  • Technical Director News
  • Marketing News
  • League Administrator News
Executive Director News

Winter is almost over and spring is in the air. As a reminder to all clubs, the NSL 2019 spring season will begin on Sunday, April 7th and I would like to remind all clubs to make sure that all their registrations and player pass cards are up to date. We are also asking clubs to pay extra attention to NSL emails pertaining to the new spring season and respond in a timely manner.

If there have been any changes to your club please update your information in your SportEngine portal. If there have been any changes to teams since the 2018 fall season, please contact LeagueAdministrator@NSLsoccer.org.

As in previous years, pre-season preparation is essential. Planning for the upcoming season helps to provide a successful and strong foundation to ensure that all your club members have a successful spring season! Here are a few helpful tips on how to better prepare for the new spring season.

Provide clear and concise information to your parents regarding your expectations for this Spring as it relates to the schedule, travel times and possible rainout situations.

In addition, start to inform them about the tryout process for next year. Communicate clearly and consistently on the expectations of your club for both the parents and players before, during, and after the conclusion of your tryouts.

Take advantage of all the coaching education that your club and State Association has to offer. It’s not too late to sign-up for a coaching course or clinic, register for an upcoming coaching webinar, or go watch a higher level of play at either a professional or local college game. Continued coach education is the key to offering your players the best possible learning environment to help with their player development.

For those clubs, particularly in the Elite Division, who are anticipating long travel times to other clubs such as Nordic Soccer Club in VT, try to organize a club day/weekend around those fixtures to maximize your time when traveling those extra long distances.

On the coaching education front, we are excited to be offering the United Soccer Coaches DOC Course for all NSL DOC’s and clubs this weekend. The course has been designed to address the issues confronting the Director of an American soccer club. The course curriculum examines the technical, conceptual, leadership and administrative skills of future and current Directors of Coaching for youth soccer clubs for the purpose of developing the American soccer player. We are thrilled to have over 20 of our club leaders participating in this fully funded program sponsored by the NSL.

Congratulations to all of the NSL players who have been nominated for the US Club Soccer iD2 Program as well as those players who were selected to participate in the National Camp in Florida. Finally, I’d like to remind everyone that we have a number of end of season events in the pipeline that will provide all our clubs the opportunity to compete against clubs from other leagues. We’re looking forward to hosting the NSL U9/U10 Jamboree, U12 Tournament, and end-of-season cross over event with the NNESL and ROOTS for our Premier and Club division.

#NSLcompetes, #NSLdevelops, #NSLsucceeds.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer State Cup

Massachusetts Youth Soccer State Cup Entry deadline has been extended to midnight March 3rd.  Click on the link to register.


John Barata
Executive Director
Northeast Soccer League | Compete, Develop, Succeed
ExecutiveDirector@NSLsoccer.org | 617.645.6076

Technical Director News

With the New Year fully underway and spring season just around the corner I wanted to make you aware of some of the top events on the field that our clubs are participating in.

The Winter PDP coaching sessions were on February 2nd and February 16th for boys and girls respectively at Forekicks Taunton. We had 49 boys in attendance and 35 girls representing almost 20 clubs from the league. These players had been selected after an extensive assessment process by John Curtis and his staff. Our next dates in the spring will concentrate on putting the players into teams with the aim to then play a representative game against another PDP program from a US Club Soccer league in the region.

In additional news US Club Soccer has their own id@ program where players from the various PDP programs across the country are recommended to attend a regional and then national training camp. We had a total of 6 boys from the 2006 age group who have been put forward for recommendation to the program and US Club Soccer are reviewing these applications at time of press.


In coach development news this weekend we will have 15 Directors of Coaching representing various Northeast Soccer League Clubs who will be participating in the United Soccer Coaches DOC Diploma course. As part of our continued commitment to Coach and Club Development, the league has paid the registration fee for these clubs.

Upon completion of the course, attendees will have the opportunity for continued professional development through a series of additional activities. Over the last six months, I have spent time in England reviewing the best practices of some of the top professional clubs regarding player, coach and club development. This core group will have the chance to review and implement some of these strategies and follow a similar process that is used by the English Football Association for coach development.

Members of this group can expect to;

  • Participate in monthly meetings both in person and webinar based as a follow up to the DOC Diploma.
  • Workshops on best coaching and business practices and strategies such as Developing a Curriculum, Player Evaluation, and Tryout Tools, Building a Club Budget, Navigating the Youth Soccer Landscape, Engaging your membership.
  • Evaluation of training sessions and in-game coaching
  • Match analysis, formations and game day strategies
  • Opportunities for additional Coaching Diplomas from United Soccer Coaches and US Soccer Grass Roots Licensing Courses
  • Deliver a project study based on their club

We feel that this represents a significant commitment by the NSL to support your organization and its continued development. Our aim is to have the DOC Diploma course representing the start of this project with completion by the end of the spring season and then hopefully a graduation ceremony for the DOC’s who participated.

Nick Dunbar
Technical Director NSL Soccer

Marketing News

Share with us how you Compete, Develop, and Succeed. Like and follow us, and we will like and follow back; use the hashtags: #NSLCompetes, #NSLDevelops, #NSLSucceeds. Add one or more of our hashtags so we can share, retweet, and repost your great accomplishments. By doing this, it will spread the word of your teams, your club, and your organization, as well as help, promote our league.

Recent photos from around the league

NSL/US Club Soccer PDP event – February 4, 2019 (Boys)
We had over 50 boys in attendance at our winter PDP event with US Club Soccer at Forekicks in Taunton.

NSL winter PDP event with US Club Soccer


NSL winter PDP event with US Club Soccer


NSL/US Club Soccer PDP event – February 16, 2019 (Girls)
PDP training with some of our girls including goalkeeper training, ball skills, technical development, tactical understanding and game related positional play.

NSL winter PDP event with US Club Soccer


NSL winter PDP event with US Club Soccer


League Administrator News

It’s never too early to start on the rostering/passcard process, especially if you have teams who plan to play in tournaments in March.

Below are guidelines to help you negotiate that process: