Sept 2016

Welcome to the New Northeast Soccer League (NSL) landing page.  During the fall 2016 season, MAPLE will experience facelift surgery.

  • New Name – Northeast Soccer League (NSL). To better describe the geographical area represented by our clubs and teams.
  • New Logo – Red, white and blue shield. Simple, crisp and professional to bring us into the 21st century!
  • New Partners – NIKE, WeGotSoccer, NSCAA, MYSA. To co-brand with quality organizations to provide added benefits for our membership.
  • New Programs – Educational workshops, club development, player development. To help our coaches, administrators, parents and players become better at what they do in the game.
  • New Standards – Club structure/administration, facilities, staff governance, and development. To improve the quality of play in the league for all these roles: coaches, player, referees, administers and spectators.

January 1st, 2017 is the date that MAPLE will officially change its name and look to the NSL.  Throughout the fall 2016 season, our marketing team will keep you up-to-date with our progress.  Hayley Wirth, our marketing coordinator, Nick Dunbar, our Technical Director and Sandy Tsakirgis, our Ethics Chair, will be visiting games and training sessions to take pictures and conduct short interviews with coaches and players.  These pictures and interviews will be posted on this NSL page, as well as other social media sites.

Hayley Wirth

Nick Dunbar Sandy Kiriakos
Hayley Wirth
Marketing Coordinator
Nick Dunbar
Technical Director
Sandy Tsakirgis
Ethics Chair

Good luck this fall season!

Tom Goodman, M.Ed.
Executive Director Maple Soccer
USSF A License, USSF National Staff Coach

Tom Goodman, Executive Director Interview

Click below to watch an interview with Tom Goodman, Executive Director Maple Soccer, on the upcoming changes to the league.

Q&A from Video
  • What are your plans For The NorthEast Soccer League?

    Maple will be talking on a whole new look in 2017. We will change our name from Maple to the Northeast Soccer League (NSL). We’re going to start to build a stronger league based on standard and merit. The next step is to provide added values to our membership, including programs that will help develop our smaller clubs to build into larger clubs; educate coaches, administrators, referees, and help direct our parents in the right direction in support of their children.

    What I am really excited about, we will be co-branding with very strong, quality organizations, such as Nike, We Got Soccer and Mass Youth Soccer. I am really looking forward to the new year with all of these changes and feel strongly that we’ll be offering a quality product in our league for our membership.