SPRING 2019 Registration Instructions

Important Registration Dates:

  • Registration Opens November 15th, 2018
  • Registration Closes December 1st, 2018
  • Team Withdraws with Full Refund: By January 1st, 2019
Season Information, General Divisional Structure, Team Placement

Spring 2019 Play Dates:

  • 4/7, 4/14, 4/28, 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 6/2.
  • No Games Easter Weekend (4/11) or Memorial Day Weekend (5/26)

9U (2010) & 10U (2009):

  • Teams play one game each week on a 7v7 lined and equipped field.
  • The roster limit is 14 players. Minimum roster size is 9 players
  • Standings are not maintained for these age groups.
  • There is usually one higher section which is not based on geography and multiple lower sections which are based on geography depending upon who the teams are.

11U (2008) & 12U (2007):

  • Teams play one game each week on a 9v9 lined and equipped field.
  • The roster limit is 16 players. Minimum roster size is 11 players
  • Spring divisional placement is based on fall results.
  • Divisional placement is regionalized to some extent. For example, there could be a high section, a middle section and 2 low sections based on geography.

13U (2006) – 18/19U (2000):

  • Divisions are based on Spring 2018 results.
  • The roster limit is 22. Only 18 players may participate in each game. Minimum roster size is 13 players
  • The Club divisions will be regionalized to the extent possible while keeping the sections competitive.
  • For the U18/19 age group 25% of the roster may be U19 (2000).

New teams will be accepted in all age groups until the registration deadline. After that it will be dependent on whether space is available.

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