Our mission statement is that NSL exists to provide competitive play for any club located in the greater Northeast region, in an environment of sportsmanship and integrity at levels ranging from the developmental to the most elite. We are committed to the development of all our clubs and seek to provide an inclusive environment for teams at development level through to elite. To be considered as a member of NSL we require all new clubs to complete an application based on satisfying the key areas of:

  1. Club Structure
  2. Facilities
  3. Staff
  4. Governing Body requirements
  5. Development
  6. In good standing with the league

What is the Application Process for clubs considering NSL?

  1. The club will complete an on-line application that is passed to the NSL Technical Director for review.  As part of this process the NSL TD will conduct a phone or in person interview with each new club to discuss the NSL standards and the application responses.  This will include but not be limited to the clubs responses to questions regarding the key areas defined in the club standards.   The interview questions are linked below.
  2. Based on this evaluation of the application the NSL Technical Director will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors and the Board may accept or deny Club Membership at their sole discretion.
  3. New clubs must also meet the standards to become a club through the Governing Body affiliated with NSL.  It is the responsibility of the club to meet any additional standards required by the governing body. For our clubs we require the following additional standards;
  • Bylaws and Constitution
  • Proof of being officially registered within your home state as an entity and up to date on reports
  • IRS Tax ID Number
  • Proof of having a business checking account

Failure to provide any of the requirements noted above will result in a delay to the acceptance process.

In addition to satisfying the NSL clubs standards the following criteria will also be used in the decision making process.

  1. Impact on Existing Member Clubs
  2. Geography and location within the northeast region
  3. Overall Club Infrastructure
  4. The Player Development Model implemented by the club
  5. History of Player Development
  6. History of Adherence to USSF Affiliations Code of Ethics

Clubs applying for membership should submit applications during the following dates:

  • Fall Season should be sent no later than March 15th with notification of acceptance or denial by May 15th
  • Spring Season should be sent no later than Dec 15th with  notification of acceptance or denial by Jan 15th

The NSL reserves the right to evaluate applications from clubs outside of the stated application windows.

Please review the attached file that outlines in further detail an overview of the Club Standards then complete the Club Standards Application. If you have any questions or require further clarification about the application process please e-mail