Game Make-Ups

Makeup games should be scheduled within two weeks of the date of postponement, even if the date agreed upon is a later date.  The host team should contact their opponent and offer three dates for the makeup.

Once a date is agreed upon, an email must be sent to John Barata at  with the game number, date, time and field, and an agreement from the opposing team to the reschedule.  Copying the opponent on the email request constitutes an agreement.

Three days notice is necessary to allow for the assignment of referees.  If you must cancel a game for any reason other than inclement weather three days notice must also be given.

If you are having problems agreeing on a date, please contact the League Administrator for help.  A game may be scheduled by the league in any case where the outcome of the game would make a difference to any team in the division, not just to the two teams involved.  If the league has to arrange a game any team not appearing will be given a forfeit.