Fall Registration is Now Open


Registration is now open.

There is a $500 deposit required when registering your club. This amount is per club, NOT per team, and will be applied to the final bill for your respective teams. This can be paid by credit card, debit card, or electronic check.

League fees for the fall are:
$695 for 7v7 & 9v9 teams
$995 for 11v11 teams.


Proceed to register your teams by the NSL Fall Registration Link.
If your club needs to update any information they will need to access this registration in their dashboard, under register and edit it. An important help article is this link under ‘edit my club directory information’: http://nsl.sportngin.com/


Below you will find helpful information as you prepare for team registration.

9U (20010) & 10U (2009): These age groups will play games each week. An appropriate size field and goals is required for this group. Please refer to U9 Program Playing Rules on the website for these  requirements.

There are no scores kept for these age groups. We will need a separate email letting us know if you would like to be placed in a higher or lower section if you are a returning team and wish to change, or if you are a new team. There is usually one higher section which is not based on geography and multiple lower sections which are based on geography depending upon who the teams are.

11U (2008) : U11 for the fall will be based on scores from the fall and regionalized to some extent. For example, there could be 2 high sections, several middle sections and 2 low sections.

12U (2007) – 15U (2004) – Divisions are decided based on fall results. The Club divisions will be regionalized to the extent possible while keeping the sections competitive.
New teams will be accepted in all age groups until the registration deadline. After that it will be dependent on whether space is available.

All clubs are required to give each team a unique name or the system will merge those teams together. We know some of you use the same name to denote levels, and if you do them by adding the birth year after that will make the name unique. Adding the coaches’ name or initial also works, and helps us to identify double coaches, but you may also have to add the birth year or some other designation to separate the teams. For example
Elite 2004 Jones
Elite 2006 Jones
We also need a separate email with your list of double coaches.

Roster Sizes –
9U and 10U will play 7v7. The roster limit is 14 players.
11U and 12U will play 9v9. The roster limit is 16 players.
The roster limit for 13U- 15U is 22, although only 18 players may participate in each game.
The minimum roster size for 7v7 is 9 players, 9v9 is 11 players, and 11v11 is 13 players.
Rosters submitted with fewer than the minimum number will be rejected.

Game times: 7 v 7 & 9v9 games are Sunday mornings, 9:00, 10:15 & 11:30.
All clubs with these age groups must supply a field that is available for all of those times.
All others are Sundays afternoons, 1:00, 2:45 & 4:30. Clubs comprising of 1 or 2 teams may join together to share a field. We strongly encourage 1 or 2 team clubs to work together in securing fields. We will schedule single matches but will not usually be able to supply 3 referees if there is only one match on a field.

Field requirements for all age groups:
1-4 teams 1 field
5-8 teams 2 fields
9-13 teams 3 fields
14-19 teams 4 fields
20 teams or more 5 fields

The deadline for registration is June 18th. 
July 2nd is the last date a team can be withdrawn and the fee will be refunded.

The season starts September 9th and runs for 9 weeks.   We do not play Columbus Day weekend.  The final league game is November 11th.

Please send all correspondence to Kathy Irwin at leagueadministrator@NSLsoccer.org.

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