KYCK Platform Instructions for Clubs

Welcome to US Club Soccer! Please read below for important information and next steps.

Thank you for choosing to be a member of US Club Soccer, and we look forward to working with you.


US Club Soccer


Contact for administrative or registration assistance, including passcards, background checks, insurance, player releases/loans and other registration-related matters.

Contact for competition, programming or membership assistance.

Contact for technical assistance with US Club Soccer’s registration platform, powered by KYCK Play.


1. Access your club/team (‘organization’) in US Club Soccer’s registration platform, powered by KYCK Play.

Each staff member on this email who needs access to the organization account should follow the instructions below:

  • If you already have an individual KYCK account associated with the email address to which this email was sent, log in to KYCK Play

Once you log into your account, you will have access to your organization based upon the email address matching.

2. Review your staff and team set-up.

  • The registrar and president have full permissions by default, and as such, may add/remove staff members and set permissions accordingly.
  • If your team will be participating in a US Club Soccer-sanctioned league, please review the GUIDE: Team affiliation with a league, and managing league roster to become familiar with that process.
  • Moving forward, add additional teams directly to this account. There is no need to complete a league or tournament team application.

3. Complete Sideline Sports Doc* and staff background checks. 

  • All staff members who will be coaching a youth team, working with youth players, or serving as a youth team manager when traveling must complete a background check. For more information and the application:
  •  *Effective July 1, all coaches and staff members registering with US Club Soccer must complete the Sideline Sports Doc course each time a background check is required (approximately every two years).

4. Register your players and staff / request passcards.

The following resources provide detailed registration information and instructions.  Make sure that you designate NSL as the league you play in when you do your roster and do not order the cards until you receive the roster back after it has been approved by me.  We have a discount and that is the only way you can receive it.– includes updates, forms and documents, policies and guidelines, U.S. Soccer resources, and more.  

A US Club Soccer Player Registration Form / Medical Treatment Authorization must be completed for each player and kept with your team or club representative. This form can be found here:

There is a complete guide to the KYCK pleatform procedures below which is very helpful.

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US Club Soccer | Charleston, S.C.

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