US Soccer Grass Roots Instructor Course

NSL attends the US Soccer Grass Roots Instructor Course

On September 7th through the 10th Nick Dunbar, the Technical Director of Northeast Soccer League was invited to participate in the US Soccer Grass Roots Instructor course. This is only the second education weekend of its kind and with only 16 educators invited from around the country, it was a massive boost for the profile of our league and a recognition of our commitment to compete, develop and succeed.

Nick Dunbar and Didier Chambaron, the lead instructor and a full-time US Soccer staff member.

US Club Soccer was the major reason for our attendance as they put forward the league for recognition of the work we have been doing over the last year. The educators went through a series of workshops delivered by US Soccer who were looking for input and guidance on how to best to deliver and develop the new licenses at the grass roots level. The schedule had the group also deliver a course to actual candidates and then review the content through small group meetings and individual reflection to provide suggestions and improvements.

The US Soccer licenses are placing a great deal of emphasis on pre-coursework and continued review of performance by yourself, your instructors and peer groups. Some of the questions candidates were asked to consider before, during and after were: What do I expect from this course? What do I expect from the instructors? What do I expect from the other candidates? What do I expect from myself?

Further to the course, Nick is required to deliver a grass roots course for 12U and 11U players and video the classroom and the field sessions before presenting the results at the second part of the course in Florida this November. During that time the educators will also be working through the new US Soccer D license which again will allow our league to provide this course.

The whole course was a great opportunity to connect with some great soccer minds from across the country and share ideas and feedback on the youth game” said Nick, “it was so refreshing to work with US Soccer and have them seek out and value our input as we work towards the development of soccer in the US.


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