NSL Developments and Future pathways – Webinar Presentation from May 23rd, 2019

Many thanks for those that were able to participate in the webinar yesterday evening.  Linked below is a copy of the presentation in PDF form that we would encourage you to pass on to your membership and a link to the webinar which is now available to anyone who could not be on the call or wants to review it again.

NSL Developments and Future Pathways-WebinarPresentation.pdf

We were privileged to have on the call both Greg Smith and Brad Roos who are two of the most significant staff at US Youth Soccer charged with the development of the game and delivering pathways for players of all levels and abilities.  Northeast Soccer League has been given a 3 year agreement to provide a pathway to regional play within the US Youth Soccer framework after many meetings, discussion and analysis by the governing body.  This represents a huge vote of confidence in our league, its philosophy, level of play and structure.  With the full support of the national organization and the states across our region we feel we now have the pathway and opportunity to cater for all levels of players and clubs.

US Youth Soccer in working alongside us as one of only 3 pilot programs is allowing our league, it’s clubs and leadership to provide the framework to develop club programming across the USA.  As we work with their league champions committee we will be in the positon to help support and influence what this new national program will look like.  US Youth Soccer as the largest provider of youth soccer has now provided our league with a pathway for all clubs and teams that want to compete, develop and succeed.

We now look forward to the next 3 years and thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy the journey.


Enjoy your weekend and please post lots of pictures and tag the NSL!!

Nick Dunbar | Technical Director and John Barata | Executive Director

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