Postponements and Makeups

In general, once the schedule is determined and sent to the teams, there are a limited number of reasons acceptable for postponing or relocating a game other than an unplayable field. No one, including the involved team officials, club officials, and game officials, may postpone, relocate or reschedule a game for any other reason, even by mutual agreement of the coaches. The League Administrator may upon request, or at her or his own initiative, postpone or relocate a schedule game if, in her or his sole judgment, conditions or circumstances require it.

Games may only be postponed by Elite and Premier level teams in order to attend a tournament, Regional Event and State Cup Tournaments. Vacation week does not qualify as a reason for a postponement. An academic commitment of a significant portion of the team may be grounds for postponement with approval from the League Administrator.

All game changes must be approved by the League Administrator and will be considered only if the request is made by email to the NSL office by 5:00 PM on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled game. Referees may not be assigned to the changed games if requested after 5:00 on Tuesday unless they are for field changes due to inclement weather.

Any postponement or relocation except as permitted above will be treated as the forfeiture of a regularly scheduled game for the team or teams not appearing, and subject to all rules regarding such forfeitures, including those related to standings and forfeiture penalties.

Postponed games must be scheduled within two weeks of the date of postponement, although the play date may be further in the season.  Now that vacation week has passed, and hopefully the fields have dried out, it is time to get those makeups scheduled.  The last date for league play is June 9th.

It is the responsibility of the home team to contact their opponent and offer several options for makeups.  If you are having trouble contacting someone, or trouble agreeing to a date, please contact the league office.

Any team which forfeits a scheduled NSL game will be fined $300 for each forfeit.

More information can be found in the By-Laws on the NSL website.

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