Procedure for Makeup


Makeups may be scheduled either by the club contact or the individual coach as long as that coach has a user name and password. These are assigned by the club. Any makeups requested by email and not put through the website system will not be accepted.

Please follow the direction below to use the website system.

  1. Coaches should contact each other and agree upon a date and time for the makeup.
  2. In order to schedule a makeup game, the coach will have to go the home page of the website, click on the “Club Login”, and login with your user name and password. You will get the club page; click on the team. At the top left of the team page there will be a green icon which says “schedule makeup game”. The icon will only appear if the team has makeups to schedule.
  3. Enter the game number in the box and click on the “search games” button. The original game information will appear along with spaces to enter the new information about the makeup. Fill in the information. Click on “check availability” The computer will not take a game on a field which already has a game there. If you are trying to schedule at game at Lancaster you must contact them directly for a field as our system only shows NSL games. When you have filled in all the blanks hit the update button.
  4. An email will be sent to your opponent (provided his email has been added to his club page) The opponent has to likewise agree to the makeup by logging into the website and approving the game. When this has been done an email is sent to me and, provided that I approve the reschedule, the game is entered on the website. Only then will referees be assigned. Both coaches will receive confirmation that the makeup has been accepted. If you are having trouble confirming the game via the link go to the club login and do it there. The link might not work if you have changed your email,been associated with another club, or have multiple teams. It will not work for club contacts; you have to use the club login button.
  5. The makeup date must be at least 3 days in advance of the date that the makeup is posted or I cannot guarantee that referees will be assigned to your match.
  6. Makeups should be scheduled within 2 weeks of the originally scheduled date of the match, although the play date may be further in the season. Games that are not made up within a reasonable time period are subject to being scheduled by the league.
  7. Games postponed 5/20 for the State Cups Round Robin must be made up prior to that date.

This is the only procedure that can be used to schedule makeups. Please be sure that your club and team pages are up to date and accurate.

If you are having problems please email me your user name and password and I will try to solve the problem.