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USYS-National-LeaguesNSL has always supported any league and pathway that best benefits our members and we are excited to announce a new USYS program that will benefit all our members in the New England Region. This new system of Regional Leagues allows clubs from any league in the New England area to apply to USYS with either their entire clubs or with individual teams to compete at the highest level against other top clubs and teams.

We have continued to champion the Northeast Soccer League and the great clubs, players and coaches within it to have the opportunity for a regional and national pathway. US Youth Soccer’s response to this has been to completely overhaul the regional structure and to identify ways to attract top clubs and teams to compete against each other based on their ability and performance and not which league they play in or might be accepted to.

Teams are not required to be members of EDP to participate in the US Youth Soccer National League Conferences that are managed by EDP so your club can continue to compete in the NSL. We feel this is excellent news for our membership as now the NSL can provide a league structure for all our members at every level from select, through club, elite and now a regional option for the teams and clubs that qualify.

A link that provides even more information is attached below and we look forward to provide our clubs with application information as soon as we receive it. We will also hope to provide an informational evening to our membership when the league format is confirmed and playing dates.

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