Welcome to the Spring Season

Welcome to the NSL Spring Season for 2019.  We are excited to finally be out on the fields again and looking forward to a great season of soccer.  The NSL leadership has been working behind the scenes on several new developments which we will be sharing more of as the season progresses.  However, for now it’s time to start the games and follow through on all the hard work and training sessions over the off season.  I also wanted to post some reminders and links to our web site.


If you are looking to change a match you may contact the opposing coach, but the final decision is made by the League Administrator. I prefer that you contact me first with the reason for the change.

Games may be moved by the league office in the event that the originally scheduled field is unplayable or unavailable.  An academic commitment of a significant number of the players on a roster may qualify as a postponement but must be cleared first with the NSL office.

Vacation week always presents unique challenges.  If you are missing a few players the match should still be played.  If you are missing a large portion of your team go ahead and contact the opposing coach.

It is your responsibility to check the website each week on your club page for any changes to the schedule.  It is also the responsibility of the club to make sure all GotSoccer pages are up to date and accurate.

If you are the home coach and your field has been changed or game postponed it is also your responsibility to notify your opponent in a timely fashion. Ask for a confirmation if you are leaving a phone message or sending an email.

In the event of obviously inclement weather (not just a light rain) on a Sunday morning, check the website for field closings. If you are in any doubt about a field being open, call the home team.  The deadline for changing small sided games is 7:00 and 11v11 games 10:00 Sunday morning.

Schedule changes for other than weather related reasons will be considered only if the request is made by 5:00 pm by email to the NSL office on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled game.


 Scores should be reported directly to GotSoccer by 9:00 Sunday evening.

 Mobile:  www.gotsport.com/m/scoring/
DeskTop: www.gotsport.com/events/scoring/

Event ID: 70267
4-Digit Pin: 4625  (Goal)

If there is a discrepancy in the scores reported the referee’s report is the final authority.

Scores are reported for the U9 & U10 age group even though standings are not displayed on the website.

There is a 6-0 cap on goal differential per game.


 We do allow players to club pass in games but there are certain restrictions.

Club passes are limited to six for the 9-U through 12-U age groups. Players from any level may be written on the roster prior to the game, must have a valid passcard with the Club and be age appropriate to the team.

Club passes for 13-U – 18-U/19-U age groups are limited to a maximum of six. For these age groups a player may play up an age group at any level. An age appropriate player may play down an age group only at the same level as they currently play or a higher one. Players must be written on the roster prior to the game


All teams must have rosters and passcards at the field. The referee and the opposing coach should each be given a copy of the roster. If a team is missing either a roster or passcards they have until the end of the game to produce them. The game will be played and the fact that they are missing reported to the NSL office by the referee. This game may be declared a forfeit.  Referees do not determine forfeits.

Individual players lacking a passcard will not be allowed to play.

If no game official appears for a game the teams must agree to either play with a substitute referee or postpone the game and agree to a makeup. Games played with an agreed upon substitute referee may not be protested.

If you have any issues at the field the office is open all day Sunday.  You can reach me at 508-655-3210.  If I don’t pick up and will call you right back so please leave a message.


The coaches code of conduct is something we feel very strongly about and Sandy Tsakirgis, our Ethics/Disciplinary Chair is available if you have any questions, concerns or comments.  Her contact information is on our web site but can also be seen here  781-307-1822 e mail: ethics@nslsoccer.org  A link to our code of conduct is below and it is the responsibility of coaches to make themselves familiar with each nslsoccer.org/coaches-code-of-conduct/


As regards Rules of Play if you are coaching at the 9U or 10U level it is important to note that there are modified rules for these age groups which referees have been made aware of and we expect coaches to know them as well nslsoccer.org/rules-of-play/


Finally, if you do have any comments about the officials that are positive or concerns we would welcome you completing the evaluation form so we can better provide feedback to US Officials who assign our referees and AR’s.  We make sure this information is passed along and have found it to assist in assigning the right officials to the proper level of game  nslsoccer.org/referee-evaluation-form/ .   It’s also a great means to provide positive feedback and recognition for officials who do a great job every week and many have told us how much they appreciate coaches taking the time to recognize them.


All the best for the Spring season!  Onwards and Upwards!




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